Cut the Cameras

Why Students Need to be on Campus to Learn

 Due to COVID-19, classes were moved online early this school year. Students and teachers adjusted accordingly; a transition that was difficult for most. On October 15th, students were allowed back on campus if they chose to do so.

   Learning online has proven difficult for everyone involved, the classroom has transformed into bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, while the teacher and peers become an avatar on a screen. 

   Junior Katrina Kouyoumjian details her decision to learn on campus, “The main reason I wanted to go back was because I found myself getting very distracted at home living with seven people.” Many students are under the same circumstances as Kouyoumjian, trying to learn in a distracting environment, so going back on campus is a must. 

   Junior Claudio Castillo had concerns about returning to campus, but decided to go back stating that, “If I ever felt unsafe, I hoped switching out would be easier than switching in.”

   School wasn’t meant to be online, it was meant to be in person. Safety is a top priority and can be achieved by those online and in person.

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