You’ve Got a P.A.L In Me

El Modena's Student Run Organization Meant To Create A Safe And Happy Environment On Campus

Peer Assistance Leadership, is a student run group at El Modena High. It is an elective that any student can choose to take and this year Mrs. Rivera will be the classes advisor.  The goal for these students is to create a welcoming atmosphere at school for all other groups and individuals on campus. The new P.A.L president, Kassie Mendes says, “We don’t want anyone to feel left out or alone, we want them to feel as if they have a place here on campus.” 

    Ways this class has spread positivity on campus is by hosting “Alliance Days” where P.A.L chooses a group (or club) on campus and celebrates the day with them, making them feel included and acknowledged. This upcoming year, P.A.L. is hoping to work with as many freshmen as possible because they see that transitioning from middle school to high school can be rough but they want all newcomers to feel welcomed and help students get involved with their school. 

    Positivity is the key for this class. Being able to bring light to students lives while at school can be challenging, but this class continues to find new ways to celebrate El Modena’s students. Students in P.A.L. have even felt a change in themselves. Kristina Hultquist says, “Being in P.A.L. gave me an outlet to spread positivity in lots of different ways”. 

    El Modena is proud to have a group that dedicates their time to its students. To look at back and remember high school as a positive experience is a powerful thing. P.A.L. does exactly that for each class, group, and independent student on campus.


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