Tribute to FASE

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of FASE 2019-2020


“The janitors threw away our tinikling sticks!” I was dumbfounded by the news Dagny Parayao, Jessica Thi, and Emily Mai had delivered. What could be so important about 8 feet long bamboo poles? While a few lost sticks seem small, they were the center point of (FASE) Filipino Asian Student Education’s dance routine. 

Nothing seemed to be going to plan. The date of International Week moved earlier. There were fewer participating students, a new club advisor, and a lack of an active board; however, the club as a whole made the most of our problems in hopes of a successful event. It would take a team to get anything done in such short notice. International Week was certainly not a one-man job.

Some club members managed advertisements and posters and the others set up tables and moved bulks of supplies in preparation for the event. We placed orders for boba, Chinese food, utensils, and brand new tinikling sticks. With the new sticks, the dance was already looking hopeful. We all learned the choreography and practiced together to experience the same difficulties and mistakes. 

On the day of the assembly, all seemed well. The dance went smoothly and we set up our booth perfectly. But when the assembly finished, we were overwhelmed by the number of students in line to buy food. To tackle the problem, we took a breather and cheered ourselves on to tame the hoard of hungry teens.

Through the countless hours we spent preparing, we ended the event successfully with a new memory to cherish with each other. The relief, laughter, and smiles we felt exhibited our success and how much fun we had despite our difficulties. Like a pair of tinkling sticks, success takes more than one.

Although the year had come to a close sooner than anticipated, I want to thank everyone that has participated and volunteered to help out at any of the Filipino Asian Student Education’s club events from meetings, potlucks, fundraisers, and International Week. We’ve shared so many great memories together from laughs, conversations, and hugs throughout the year. We accomplished every event together as a team and we couldn’t have done it without everyone in the club.

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