Letter to Seniors

A short letter recognizing seniors and wishing them luck

   The end of the road is finally here. You’ve done your tests, projects, and homework. You’ve made connections with teachers and students alike. Maybe you struggled in a class or two. Nevertheless, you’ve made it, and now you’re on your way to college.


   You’ve done a lot this year. Some of you worked on “Sunshine,” which was given the National Award for Best High School Video PSA. You’ve won the North Hills League. A select few have even been awarded scholarships such as the Gates Scholarship. This year should be remembered for its great successes, even if many activities were cut short.


   El Modena thanks you for all that you’ve done. Your presence on the field made your team just a bit more confident, no matter how badly they were losing. Your expertise and advice as a tutor helped those who needed it understand the subject a little more. Your positivity and sportsmanship during lunch games was always infectious. We will all miss you. The junior class will surely live up to your expectations as they rise to take your place.


   Please take care of yourself, and good luck on wherever you are going next.

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