A Letter To Seniors…


Dear Seniors,

   We all know the sadness and anger that sparks when we hear the words “unprecedented times,” and it does seem unfair that this happened to us. The year 2020 was supposed to be a new era for us. We had hoped to leave behind the previous decade and reinvent ourselves in the many years to come. Instead, we are tasked with staying at home in order to slow the spread of a novel virus.

   Like many of you, we never thought that our senior year would’ve gone the direction that it has, and unfortunately, it’s out of our control. Though some of the best times may have been taken from us, it should bring comfort that we are not alone. Seniors across the country are dealing with this too. We are all in it together. We should take it day by day, and do our best to deal with the cards we have been dealt.

   It hurts to look back and remember that most of us have anticipated becoming a senior since taking our first steps on campus. Doing sports our first year and attending our first banquets, and witnessing seniors attend their last. We awaited the moment where we would get to hear the speeches written for us, and share tears as we depart from the sport forever. 

   For those who participate in spring sports, our hearts go out to you for not having your last spring season, your senior night, and your last banquets. Please know that your hard work and dedication is recognized and has been recognized by the El Modena community for the past four years. 

   We understand that certain events, no matter how hard we try to make up, will never compare to the real experience. It’s difficult coming to terms that you will never have that last prom where you get to spend the night talking and dancing with your friends in suits and dresses that you may never wear after that one night. The creative and unique promposals that are made to ask that person who you want to spend your last high school dance with. 

   Everyone knows that a day where you put on your wasted outfit and listen to a Spotify playlist full of songs you wished would be played at a school dances, is not comparable to a real prom, but right now, we are all trying to take whatever little remnants of school events that we can, and turn that into something. And as a senior, take that chance and make it something. 

   As seniors, our minds tend to stick to the present. We may be thinking “what about our graduation?” or “why did it have to be my senior year?” As we near the finale of our four years of hard work and dedication, we should look to the future. Look forward to whatever you’re going to do after high school, whether it be continuing your education, enlisting in the military, or even taking a gap year. We should understand that not all hardships last forever, and that there is a silver lining to be found in any difficult situation. 

   While it is important to take time to grieve what has been lost, there are many things that can not be taken away from us. Losing the last three months of our senior year does not erase the work that we have put in for the past four years of our lives to get to where we are today. It is important, now more than ever, to be proud of all that we have accomplished and remember our lives before we lived in the midst of a global pandemic. 

   Even though we couldn’t have the remainder of our senior year with morp, prom, senior week, or with being able to sign each other’s yearbooks, reserving whole pages to our closest friends and favorite teachers, we had the beginning. We had the excitement of finally stepping on campus as the role models for the rest of the school. We had the hope of making memories that will stick with us far after high school was over, and it’s important to keep in mind that that we have. 

   We had the hello dance, the hello assembly, fall sports assembly, winter sports assembly, winter formal, and spirit week. The wonderful and stressful spirit week as the Shrek Seniors. Remember the memories we’ve made and hold on to those. 

   Remember, even though we spent 12 years leading up to this moment that has suddenly been taken away from us, that this is not the defining moment of our lives. It is simply a door opening. A door opening for every other opportunity in your life to come, remember that this right now, this, is not a permanent state of being. We have our entire lives ahead of us, and coming out of this we will have learned perseverance, resilience, and maturity. 


Keep in mind that you are not alone. 



Frontline Seniors:

Mia Gutierrez – Editor-In-Chief

Scarlett Adams – Copy Editor

Abby Capra – Style Editor

Lily Mummert – Fringe Editor

Payton Bullock – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Andrew Looney- Photographer

Ashley Lewis – Social Media Manager 

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