Jason Islas Interview: A Season Cut Short

Frontline: How was your senior year going up to the point when it got cancelled?

Jason Islas: “My senior year was going good I was doing good in all my classes and I was happy with the people I had around me.”


F.L: Have you adapted well to online school?  What are some of the benefits and disadvantages?

J.I: “I have adapted well to online school, some benefits are you get to work at your own pace and you can do your work in your bed, some disadvantages are you don’t get to be in a classroom learning with other people and you don’t get to ask questions as much online.”


F.L: What do you miss the most about going to school?

J.I: “I miss being able to hang out with the boys at lunch and nutrition.”


F.L: How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

J.I: “I’ve been keeping busy by playing video games, working out and hanging out with my family.”


F.L: How was your track season going up to the point when it got cancelled?

J.I: “My track season was going really well, but then I injured my toe and couldn’t run for the next two meets and then it got cancelled.”


F.L: What do you miss the most about running track for El Mo?

J.I: “I miss the coaches and the bond the team had together.”


F.L: Do you have any big plans running track beyond high school, and if so what are they?

J.I: “I plan on running for Concordia University Irvine.”


F.L: What have you learned after starting to adjust to this new way of life?

J.I: “I’ve learned that we have a big factor in our life and that is socializing.  I say this because people can change the way your day goes.”


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