The SuperHeroes in Quarantine

Doctors and nurses in the front in against Covid-19

Through this time in quarantine there is no need for saving from violence. The only violence the world that needs saving is the violence of the virus. Those saviors come from the medical field and they are the doctors and nurses. 

The life of many are at risk, not only the ones tested positive with the coronavirus but the staff caring for these people. It may be their job but these nurses and doctors give up their families to save populations of people. They attend patients with the knowledge that at any moment they can be tested positive. 

The saying “not all superheros wear capes”  applies here since these heroes wear suits for their own safety. As kids we are given awards, such as awards of bravery. There’s one thing to now wonder, did these doctors take that award of bravery. They see death and pain yet they continue to their lives, moving onto the next case where they give their all so this patient doesn’t end like the last one. 

This war isn’t fought with weapons and for reasons that involve the selfish needs of humankind but through the desire to stop the death and illness of millions.  No  guns, no bombs, and not blood in the hands of others. For many years human minds were wasted in a battle field that caused the death of millions when they would have been used for this biological war. 

Since we are those helpless, innocent people we can’t help out on the front but it is enough help to stay healthy. It’s a simple job anyone can do but there are those who don’t believe what they see. Is the news not enough sight of the real problem? Or are the beach days too fun to give up? It’s not to exaggerate but it’s better to do that than to give our fighters more cases. Just like they are unselfish to give up everything to save lives we must be unselfish to give them less lives to save.

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