Reflection and Recollection: The Hopeful Remedies to an Unconventional Graduation

A revitalized thought process may encourage El Modena’s seniors to view graduation in a more positive light


The recent news that California schools will remain closed through the rest of the year due to the novel coronavirus has truly impacted the lives of the El Modena senior class of 2020. With the disappointing realization that the traditional graduation at Fred Kelly stadium will not take place at the end of the school year, seniors allow negativity to pierce their thoughts as their four years of anticipation to graduate in red robes beside their friends, fade away. Despite the sadness that comes with the absence of the familiar graduation setting, seniors can relive their four years of joy by taking a moment to reflect on their accomplishments and realize the obstacles they have overcome.

   From the perspective of many seniors, Fred Kelly has always been the setting of graduation where all the feelings of growing up and achievement come forward in an emotional downpour. It is the place where seniors analyze their time in high school and their successful future.

   The absence of graduation at Fred Kelly is definitely a disappointment, but when put in perspective, memories are not confined to location, and progress occurs in all sorts of situations. Our seniors could benefit from recognizing that they have more to be proud of than what the feelings of Fred Kelly could have ever encompassed.

  Throughout the four years of our current seniors’ time at El Modena, they have adapted to more changes in their everyday schedules than many people will ever have to know at that point in their lifetimes. From the challenges of attending school with a new schedule each year to the forced quarantine order that currently prevents them from reaching their milestone in the customary manner, our seniors have had valuable experience that sets them ahead in the competitive realm of life.

   Seniors should also take the time to reflect on their academic and extracurricular achievements to note the effort involved in preparing for adulthood. This effort shines through at El Modena and makes the school administration proud to teach these students.

   Earlier in the year, several seniors earned their admission into their dream colleges, such as senior Jacob Rodriguez, who earned a full-ride scholarship to Yale University through his demonstration of academic excellence in school and robotics. He then committed to his long-time dream college, MIT. Senior varsity soccer center Lucas Donnelly committed to Cal State San Marcos in September of 2019 with an impressive average of 1.5 goals per game and two Second Team All-League Awards.

   Among more senior role models are Avery Miles, the president of ASB and co-captain of Vanguard Dance Company. Seniors Scarlett Adams and Mia Gutierrez have also been involved on campus, directing the El Modena Frontline newspaper as copy editor and editor-in-chief, respectively, for the 2019-2020 school year.

   The whole talented class of 2020 deserves their rightful opportunity to feel the congratulatory appreciation for making a difference in school and in their lives. Underclassmen and adults may simply say, “Just try to look on the bright side of things,” but that will only provoke limited change. By no means should the importance of a traditional graduation be minimized by an alternative method, but our seniors have accomplished too many noteworthy goals to allow despondency to rule over recognition.

   Seniors should take a moment, sit down, and recollect. They should dedicate their time, perhaps to themselves or with friends, to think back to the wonders of high school. Find a mountain to climb with a friend and watch the sun rise or set, and maintaining a safe social distance, share unique memories that made high school the most interesting years of early life.

   Seniors need to let perseverance act bravely in every situation. Although it is much easier said than done, it is worth an attempt to view such an important graduation with the honor that the students and occasion both deserve.

   Positivity inspires a healthier atmosphere than any negativity, and an uplifting atmosphere is exactly what society needs during the testing times of a pandemic. In the words of Anthony Powell, “It is not what happens to people that is significant, but what they think happens to them.” With this mindset, El Modena’s seniors can rejoice in their anticipation for a successful graduation.


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