Discord During Quarantine

A free app for both students and teachers alike to stay connected throughout social distancing.

Discord is a free application and digital distribution platform that allows for text, image, video, and voice sharing in chat channels. The app can be used to create new communities and keep them connected especially during these current times in quarantine. Discord is currently one of the most used applications used to specifically connect gamers through voice chat, but recently, Discord has released a tutorial for teachers on how to use their servers as online classrooms.

Discord’s private communities are called servers where individual channels can be created for users to chat. Each channel can be specified to represent a subject, lesson, or assignments. There are two types of channels: text channels and voice channels. In text channels, users can post messages, images, and files for other users to view. Of course, these channels can be tuned to read or images only as well. As for voice channels, users can join to talk to each other by using their microphones, as well as share screens for everyone in the call to view by going live.

Roles can also be created with different permissions such as having a teacher role who has the power to type in the announcements channel while the students will only be able to read that channel. Role permissions can be assigned on both the server and channel levels. A user can also have multiple roles assigned to them so a student could be assigned as @student as well as @math101.
Discord is an app that can be downloaded on desktop but also on the go on iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. The app can even be accessed on a web browser if preferred. Discord is an easy way to keep both teachers and students alike connected during social distancing whether it be for teaching a lesson, socializing, or playing video games together in our time apart.

(The Discord tutorial article can be found here at https://support.discordapp.com/hc/enus/articles/360040613072-How-to-Use-Discord-for-Your-Classroom)

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