Tiger King Vs Tiger Queen

Joe Exotic Fights A Long Battle Against Carol Baskin For The They Raise Their Tigers and Runs His Business


In March of this year Netflix released an original short seven episode documentary series ‘Tiger King’. Since the issued quarantine people have had the chance to binge many shows and Tiger King has now become one of Netflix most watched series. This production stars many real people but it spotlights a feud between two, Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin.

Those who have watched this have begun to choose sides. Some argue why Joe extoic should not be in jail, or is better compared to carol. Others argue that Carol is better between the two because she is the one saving the cats. However these two cannot be compared for they both have bad intentions and never truly come around to helping the cats which they say to care so much about.

This feud started in 2004 when Baskin first discovered who Joe Extoic was. She went against him and started ‘Big Cat Rescue’ in hopes to stop exotic tiger trafficking, breeding, private ownership, and public display/use. Her project became so popular on googles search that Exotic changed his traveling tiger show to ‘Big Cat Rescue Entertainment’ and used an almost exact replica of Baskins logo. She filed a $1 Million lawsuit against Joe for trademark infringement and won. However this was only the beginning of their rivalry.

Now Joe Exotic loved the spotlight. He wanted everything on him. So he hired a producer to help film his own reality tv show just about him and his tigers. For Tiger King, they interviewed that hired producer, Jeff Lowe. During this elongated interview, Lowe said these things about Joe and how he treated his animals, “I witnessed Joe shoot and kill two tigers for no reason whatsoever, just because he was pissed off at them.” Joe was a tiger abuser. He bred his cats and stripped the cubs away from their mothers just seconds after giving birth. Tiger King showed bits and pieces of his abuse but never made it a focus. The vocal point of this show was the feud. 

Joe has made his own videos on YouTube personally attacking Carol Baskin. Since 2004 he has threatened her life. He has constantly wished death on her and has even sent venomous snakes to her house. Eventually he went to jail for conspiring and hiring someone to kill Carol Baskin while also being convicted of killing and trafficking tigers. He also faked government documents for transportation of these tigers. He was found guilty on all accounts and received 22 years in prison.

Carol Baskin claims to be a lover of extoic cats, just like Joe, but she has the same cruel intentions. She says that tiger need 400 square feet at least to be able to thrive and she sees the cages that Joe keeps his tigers in. However in this series the audience can clearly see that her cat sanctuary is much smaller and filthier, with weeds growing in the cages and no areas for the tigers to play around, just dirt. She lacks the proper grounds to house her tigers.

Through past volunteers for Big Cat Rescue, they all have said all of her cats have not been rescued, but purchased through auctions. She also bought an exotic tiger for $1800 at only 3 weeks old. Many witnesses have witnessed breeding of tigers and lions saying, “It was no accident that these animals were born”. She has a total of 150 tigers and since then 30 or more have been born at that facility. In the 70s-90s she openly bred tigers herself and sold them. She even tried to be accredited by the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) but was turned down.

Carol has been against the flaunting of exotic tigers on social media for attention, and money. Yet in the series Carol is allowing people to walk through her sanctuary while saying in her megaphone, “If you post a picture on any social media, please use the hashtag ‘big cat rescue’.” Clearly she does exactly what she claims to work against. 

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin have used exotic cats for their own personal use and not taken care of them in the proper way. The viewers should not be choosing sides. Both of these people treat their animals terribly and only support the continuation of tiger trafficking. Do not focus on the feud between the two, but the tigers. Focus on these endangered animals that need to be freed from captivity in the United States.


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