The Future of Entertainment

How the coronavirus has affected the entertainment industry and what the outcome likely will be

Since March 17th, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, banned gatherings of any size. This sent a ripple effect that largely affected the entertainment industry. How heavy of a hit is the industry taking and what’s the near future look like?

   The coronavirus has caused the U.S. box office to report zero in terms of revenue for the first time. Theatres across the country have closed, and although streaming is an option, it is not a long term solution, especially for big hit movies like Disney’s live-action Mulan. These films are expected to lose millions of dollars if they don’t receive a theatrical release. Other movies, like Fast and Furious 9 will be getting a heavy postponement. In general, it is expected that there will be a gap spanning months where no new content will be released.

   The new schedule for major production studios will cause major disturbances to film releases. Many will be postponed to a later date while others will be released on streaming services. Other projects, however, won’t be so lucky. It is likely that several projects will be scrapped and some T.V. pilots and series won’t be resurrected if not postponed. 

   This isn’t limited to just industries such as Hollywood. Although the major studios will recover from the sudden drop in revenue, smaller companies and individual creators will struggle with the loss of income and might even lose their jobs. In addition, several artists have already lost their lives to the virus. The industry won’t be the same when this pandemic passes.

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