Onward: The Word and Movie that Unites Us All

Disney’s new movie titled Onward details an inspiring story that could divert our sorrows


The everyday struggles of living through a pandemic, of dealing with confinement to our homes, and, in many cases, of distancing ourselves from beloved family and friends, seems to require some incredible force of magic to reverse. Fortunately, with a subscription to Disney’s new streaming service called Disney+, people can escape the monotony of self-quarantine by diving into the mythical world of Disney/Pixar’s new animated movie Onward.

   Released on Disney+ only less than a month after hitting theaters, Onward tells a fantastic story of trust and adventure. The dynamic characters voiced by Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus entertain the audience through the movie’s one-hour and forty-two-minute duration.

   Onward details the story of two teenage elf brothers named Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who both embark on an extraordinary journey to bring back their late father for one day. In a world that once thrived with the power of magic, they are forced to use their imagination, an old wizard staff, and the help of their mother and a manticore, to complete their quest.

   Brilliantly designed even to the smallest detail, the artwork and script blend together to create an unforgettable picture of the mythical world in Onward. The audience gets to follow a colorful, amusing, and emotional presentation of the hero’s journey through fairytale-like characters rather than the traditional human hero. 

   The realistic aspects of Onward enhance the film’s overall appeal even further. The open display of finding love where it is least expected to appear and the childhood innocence of embracing a dream of fantasy and adventure hit close to home for many viewers. Key elements of courage and having faith in the unknown attract the attention of adults and children alike in the common desire for self-satisfaction.

   In a changing world, there are people who crave the conservation of morals and values. The lead characters in Onward represent those who attempt the impossible of living in the glorious past.

   The pure magic of Onward and its positive message might just be our remedy to dealing with our negatively-changing world during the current pandemic.

   Those in need can look at the brotherly love between Ian and Barley Lightfoot and use their natural radiance of friendship to advise them in demanding times. Those who cannot find the energy or time to leave the confinement of their homes can learn that the reward of an adventure is not necessarily physical, but morally rewarding.

   Disney’s Onward earns the praise and respect of both critics and myself. If taken to heart, people can follow the characters’ inspiring message to overcome intimidation and keep trudging onward toward a better future.

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