Self Willed and Fast

Matthew Bermudo runs with passion for his high school track team and never disappoints with his professional manner and hard work.


Frontline: What inspired you to start running? Or was it self willed?

Matthew Bermudo: purely self willed. I had been practicing martial arts for nine years and thought about getting into another sport. I knew I had some talent in running so I was curious to see how good I could get if I did it on my own accord.

FL: How long have you been running?

M.B: I’ve been running competitively for four years but I guess you could say I started when I was able to walk.

FL: When and Where are your first track event? How old are you?

M.B: My first track meet was April eighth, 2017. Earlier that month Intrigh to join my middle school track team but they wouldn’t let me since I signed up too late. So I raced at Tustin High school unattached in the boys 200 meter. I placed 1st to qualify for the foundation games later that year.

FL: What sports have you participated in for high school?

M.B: I’ve ran Track and Field for 3 years and Cross Country for 2.

FL: Did your experience in Cross Country help you once track season arrived?

M.B: It’s a bit of a gift and a curse. In cross country you train completely different muscles. Your body is conditioned to perform longer while using less energy in long distance races. In track and field your muscles have to use all your energy in a short period of time. In terms of racing capability I’ve been able to learn how to pace correctly and get a feel for the competition through experience.

FL: What are your Track and Field events?

M.B: I run the 4×100 meter relay, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, the 4×400 meter relay, and sometimes the 100 meter dash.

FL: When you first joined El Modena Track, were you immediately put on varsity?

M.B: As a freshman I was put into varsity during invitationals to get used to the competition. During league meets I was moved down to frosh so that I could clean up the lower levels and win the team more points.

FL: What was it like to be a freshman competing on varsity?

M.B: Absolutely terrifying. I’d be lying if I said I was never nervous. I always wanted to do the best I could in races. I was always the smallest one on the track racing against people leagues ahead of me. But it wasn’t all bad. By racing against faster runners you get dragged into their speed and it helped push me to become better.

FL: When were you made the boys sprint captain? How has that influenced the way you act and work on the field?

M.B: I became a captain by sophomore year. I haven’t changed the way I act on the field. I always believe in leading by example. If you set an example, people will follow. Yes I have more responsibilities to the team as a captain but it wasn’t hard for me to adjust to the role.

FL: Do you plan on going to college for track? If so, do you have a school in mind?

M.B: Of course! It would be nice to continue doing what I love in the near future, but I don’t have a school in mind, I’m still looking.


Matthew Bermudo pushed himself, with the talent he already had, to start running on track and field. He began running since he was young but only had his first real track event in 8th grade which he signed himself up for. In high school he has run for cross country and track and field. Freshman year he was put on varsity for certain meets and although it was intimidating, it only helped him improved his time. His sophomore year he was made the boys sprint captain. Now, in his junior year, he continues to run hard at every meet and hopes he can run in the future.

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