Avery Miles Keeps Her Smile

ASB President Avery Miles offers advice to seniors and underclassmen during this chaotic time


Senior Avery Miles serves many roles on the El Modena campus. Miles is ASB President and Co-Captain of Vanguard Dance Company. As Miles senior year slowly comes to a close, Miles shares some valuable advice to underclassmen. 

Frontline: You are currently on VDC at school. How long have you danced and what has inspired you to keep going? How are you planning to keep your skills during remote learning?

Avery Miles: I have danced for 13 years with breaks in between. My team has really inspired me to keep going with dance because they all are amazing dancers and make me want to do better every time. I plan to keep up with dance and my skills during remote learning. Our awesome coach has sent out plenty of virtual classes for us to do, which really helps.


FL: How has dance positively influenced your life? How do you think your life would differ if you didn’t dance? 

AM: Dance is just an amazing way for me to let go of my stress, move my body, and tell a story at the same time. It is also all about the people. I have met some of my best friends through dance and they have really inspired me. If I didn’t have dance in my life, I wouldn’t have as many amazing people as I do and I definitely don’t think I would be as creative or open minded.


FL: As May 1st is approaching, where are you planning on going to college? What are you planning to major in? What inspired you to choose that school and major? 

AM: I will be attending Washington State University in the fall to major in secondary education and I’m so excited. I plan to become a high school English teacher with my degree as well. My step dad went to WSU so I have been raised on it, which made me love it. But, upon research and visiting a lot, I really loved their programs and mostly their amazing school spirit because I have to have spirit in my life.


FL: What are you most excited for in college? How do you think it will differ from high school? 

AM: I am super excited to move to a whole new state for college as well as meet a ton of new people. I also look forward to studying something I’m really passionate about and joining a sorority.


FL: As ASB President, do you have any plans to try to unite the student body during this time? If so, how? 

AM: . It is such a tough time for everyone and sometimes it’s hard to find the positive in such a negative situation. However, ASB is still in contact and working trying to find ways to keep the Vanguard spirit up. We are planning to make daily videos for students with fun activities, announcements, movie suggestions, challenges, etc. it will also be done on our El Mo ASB account, so all students and even parents can see. 


FL: Obviously it has been a very chaotic time in the world right now. What are some things you do during social distancing  to keep you busy? 

AM: I am obviously keeping up with school, but after that I try to do something fun. Each day I try to find something new and fun to keep me busy and happy. Some things I’ve done are cooking, baking, yoga and working out, dancing, Netflix binges, family time, calling my friends, and more.


FL: It is really unfortunate that these events are unfolding during the spring of your senior year. What steps are you taking to make the best out of this situation? 

AM: It is super unfortunate that the class of 2020 had this happen to them and I know we are all really bummed. But, I talk to my friends every day and I try to, like I said, do fun activities to kind of take my mind off of losing part of my senior year. If I were not able to go back to school, I know the ASB board was planning on having a reunion for our senior class and possibly throwing a belated prom on our own, so the thought of that is really fun and exciting.


FL: Though school is closed down, how are you staying on top of your work online?

AM: I make a schedule for myself every day. It really does help me out in following what I need to do that day not just for school, but for activities and dance and more. For school, I do follow the even/odd day schedule and I do my work in the order I attend my classes, which helps a lot. Also I take breaks, which I think a lot of people forget to do


FL: As the ASB President, is there anything advice or words you would like to say to the seniors about the current situations going on? 

AM: I just want to let my seniors know to keep your head up! I know it’s a super tough time, but we have to stick together and try to make the best of it as much as we can. Stay in contact with your friends, spend time with your family, and do something that makes you happy every day. I love you guys and I’m sending my love! 


FL: Being that it’s your last year at El Mo, do you have any advice you can give to the underclassmen about high school?

AM: I’m sure you’ve heard it before but high school goes by fast. Make the most of every situation, put yourself out there, get involved, I promise you won’t regret it. It might be stressful sometimes too, but have fun and don’t take anything for granted because as the seniors this year will tell you, you never know when it might be taken away from you. 

   As we can see in this interview, Miles’ positivity and hard working spirit is something the whole world needs right now. From doing homework, to keeping up with dance, to spending time with family, Miles proves to be a very great role model for the student body. Miles’ efforts to unite the student body do not go unnoticed, and her love for El Modena shines through all of the time.


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