Clay Arritt Interview: Hoping To Mold His Senior Year Back Together


With schools closing down due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, seniors around the country are asking, “what’s next?”  Clay Arritt is one of these seniors, and he hopes that his final year of high school will mold back together.


Frontline: Where are you from?

Clay Arritt: “I’m from Orange, California.”


F.L: What grade are you in?

C.A: “I’m a senior.”


F.L: How has your senior year been up to this point?

C.A: “Up until school got cancelled because of the coronavirus, my senior year was going great.”


F.L: Do you play a sport, and if so what do you play?

C.A: “I’ve been on the baseball team all four years at El Modena.”


F.L: How long have you been playing baseball for?

C.A: “I’ve been playing baseball since I was three, so about 15 years.”


F.L: What is your favorite baseball memory?

C.A: “My favorite baseball memory was playing at Angel Stadium against Brea last year.”


F.L: What is your favorite baseball memory while here at El Mo?

C.A: “Again, playing at Angel Stadium against Brea.”


F.L: How do you feel about the recent online schooling and how has it affected you?

C.A: “I feel like online school is basically the same work but you get to sleep in longer, but I miss the memories I made with my friends and teammates at school.”


F.L: What do you hope happens after everything comes back to normal?

C.A: “I hope that I can finish my baseball season, that we have a prom, senior activities, and graduation.”

F.L: What are your plans after high school?

C.A: “After high school I plan to attend a local JC to play baseball and decide what I want to do in the future.”


Like many athletes across the country, especially senior athletes, Clay just hopes that his senior season doesn’t get taken from him.  Besides baseball, Clay wants his senior year to finish on the right foot, with senior activities and graduation rounding out his four years at El Modena.  Unfortunately, all he can do for now is wait, but his hopes are still high for his future in high school and beyond.


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