Boyd Builds His Future

Freshman Andrew Boyd details his debut in a new woodworking show on Disney+


   When the end of summer approaches, most high school students anxiously await the start of a new school year, reluctantly giving up their video games and preparing their school supplies. However, circumstances were different with freshman Andrew Boyd. Boyd, soon to be a sophomore, sacrificed his first weeks of high school to participate in a woodworking competition show called Shop Class, now airing on Disney+.

Frontline: How did you first hear about Shop Class?

Andrew Boyd: “I first heard about Shop Class when my woodshop teacher at Santiago Middle School, Mr. Askenaze, told hardworking students like that about an opportunity to join a new show that would be on Disney’s new streaming service called Disney+.”

FL: Why did you want to be on the show?

AB: “I wanted to be on the show because I am good in woodshop class and I like to build things and be creative.”

FL: What was the application process like?

AB: “First we had to fill out a lot of paperwork. Then I went on a Skype interview with a member of the Disney staff to showcase my personality and the cool projects I’ve made. One of the editors came to our house and filmed me showing my projects.”

FL: When you heard you were accepted into the show, how did you feel and why did you feel that way?

AB: “When I was accepted into the show I felt relieved because it took a while to get onto the show. We applied at the beginning of summer and we only started to film at the end of summer.”

FL: Can you describe your typical daily routine and filming schedule during the filming stages of the show?

AB: “I had to get up really early, at around 5:00 in the morning and drove to Los Angeles to film every day. We stayed there the whole day, but we took breaks throughout the filming process so it wouldn’t be too exhausting. After filming was done, we drove home. When that got annoying for my parents, we stayed in a hotel in L.A., but the service there was disappointing.”

FL: Knowing this would take time away from the beginning of school, how did you balance school work and education with Shop Class?

AB: “While filming, we were required to take four hours of schooling every day. When I got back to school, my parents and teachers were really helpful in getting me up to speed with all my work.”

FL: What advantages has Shop Class given you?

AB: “One advantage that Shop Class has given me is the ability to use new tools that I would not have known how to use without participating in the show. I learned about the inner workings of production and how much work it actually takes to produce a show.”

FL: Are you satisfied with the final result that you see on TV?

AB: “I was impressed to see the end result and how Disney put it all together, but I was a little disappointed to see that a lot of the key parts were cut out of the final footage. There was a lot more that could have been included in the final edit that would have given the students more recognition.”

FL: What would you say to your past woodshop teacher, Mr. Askenaze, about giving you this opportunity?

AB: “I would thank him and tell him that I am grateful for the opportunity since it was a fun experience.”

FL: What does this woodworking experience mean for you in the future?

AB: “Now I can use more tools that I didn’t know how to use before. It inspired me more to try video production as a career or maybe explore more about engineering.”

   Throughout his time on Shop Class, where he learned how to better communicate, work together, and use advanced machinery, Boyd has broadened his career interests. Although he sacrificed his first weeks of high school to participate in a unique opportunity that complemented his passions, Boyd feels that being part of a community of woodworkers and Disney producers has benefited him in the long run. Boyd realizes that his new experience will lead to many more opportunities in the future that will surely open up the doors of prosperity.

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