Ride Your Wave, Ryder Wade

When one is molded by the water

Waves terrorize the shore. Each and every torrent of water accompanied by a dominant roar; a roar whose unrelenting force cannot be unheard. The water churns, and digs, bringing up the deepest of sand to the surface. All of this, to simply do it over again. 

    When one pictures the ocean, many thoughts of its mystery arise. It is powerful, mysterious, and a force which can drive itself. Strength, patience, and determination. Yet, there is a man who was crafted through the ocean, not beaten down by her power. 

   Through her same principles, and motives, Garrett “Ryder” Wade was born. Molded, inspired, and driven, by water. In all aspects of his life, the water is incorporated. From surfing, to fishing, to his incredible talent to play water polo; it all comes back to his love for the ocean.                

Not only has this passion shaped Wade into the man he is today, it has provided an incredibly unique opportunity: Wade has received the chance to attend Concordia, on a water polo sponsorship. Living in Southern California means bountiful competition for Polo scholarships, yet Wade’s passion allows him to rise above them all. When asked about his start to Polo, Wade answered “I started playing freshman year. From my first game, I fell in love with the sport. In my opinion, there’s no sport that’s as demanding on the body… It’s because you’re always moving, always working. It’s the most creative sport because there’s so much you can do to gain an advantage on someone.” With how challenging Water Polo is, it becomes clear that he strives for competition. Something to force him to better himself; he loves an opportunity to grow, mentally, physically, and emotionally. When asked how to best describe Ryder, his teammate, Braden Hale, stated “He’s a rad guy who only cares about his dog and the waves”. 

   From the age of three, Wade could be found perched atop a surfboard. Nothing but salt stained curly hair, and an attitude riddled with joy, excitement, and wonder. Oh, and a lifevest, plus, a father who could fish him out, once the waves swallowed him.

 Paralleling the waves, and their endless cycle, was Wade himself. He would fall, over, and over, and over. Only to get back up again, tend to his perch, and challenge nature’s most powerful force. Until he beat it.

  Head to the wedge. It’s a break wall located just south of Balboa, and east of the pier. When it breaks just right, and the wind does the same, it creates a fantastic wave. If it’s a three foot overhead with an offshore wind, you will see Garrett Ryder Wade. No clue what that means? Just ask him! Nobody is more willing to share knowledge of their hobbies as Ryder, and his knowledge often feels endless. 

   With an impenetrable outer shell, one would expect a man of steel on the inside. Although, Ryder is an absolute sweetheart. He remains Adamant about providing aid and friendship to special needs children, doing so on El Mo’s campus time and time again. Wade also cares deeply for animals, owning ducks, and an adored puppy. 

   As a man crafted through the waves, he is unique. Each Wade Ryding into shore, slightly different. Yet each remains as strong as the previous, and each carries with it all the memories beneath the surface.

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