Jacob Rodriguez: The Man, The Myth, The Scholar


An interview with El Modena’s very own Jacob Rodriguez on his life inside or outside of school.


     There are students, and then there are scholars. Senior Jacob Rodriguez is a quintessential example of what a scholar can be.But Jacob definitely doesn’t feel like he should be compared to anyone, and no one should be compared to him. For those who don’t know who don’t really understand the hype around him, let it be explained. Jacob received a full-ride scholarship to Yale, one of the most prestigious Universities in the world.Jacob also was a member of the CIF title winning Boys Volleyball team, and is a member of a band. You may be wondering how he was able to balance all these things while maintaining a high skill set in each. His answer? “Google calendar. It seems a little hectic, but it works”. Some other advice he gave in the interview is “Don’t do things just so you can put it on an application. Do things you enjoy”. This is advice that can be implemented into everyone’s everyday life. 

     Besides the accomplishments presented above, Rodriguez also played a vital role in making robotics an option for kids at McPherson middle school. He mentored the school’s robotics team, and also hosted Robot in a day, which is a program where teams try to make a robot in the span of a single day.Despite his many different occupations, there are a few things Jacob missed out on. As one might expect, he lost a fair bit of sleep in his 4 years in high school. He also missed more than a few football games, which is a staple in the high school experience. He missed the games because of the robotics meetings he was obligated to go to. 

     Moving on to his band, “Euphoria Drive”, where Jacob plays guitar, his relationship with his band-mates can be summed up quite well in the two words he provided: “We tight.” Jacob started playing guitar by chance. His neighbor was throwing out his old guitar and Jacob saw it, and took it. He learned to play the instrument by watching YouTube videos, like many aspiring young musicians. Some of his favorite memories that took place in high school revolved around his ability to play guitar. His first recollection of him playing guitar at school was him playing at ElMo Jam, the second being at the goodbye assembly, where he played a killer solo.  

     Jacobs favorite memory, by far, was when he found out that he got his full ride to Yale. He ran around campus screaming “ I got into Yale! I got into Yale!”. “That is something that I will never, ever forget”.



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