Brian Mull: The Student Who Became the Coach

Former Alumnus and Coach Brian Mull shares his tennis-filled life story from 1978 to 2020, starting and continuing at his alma mater.

    From teaching at Orange High School to coaching the Men’s Varsity tennis team at El Modena, coach Brian Mull always stays optimistic. “It’s just a little rushed, getting to Elmo, but no big deal,” he said. As for coaching at Elmo, this will be Mull’s fifth year. Not only is he coaching here, but he also attended school and played for the tennis team here as well. “It was kind of surreal coaching at my alma mater, but brought back great memories.”

   “We were in a very tough league back then, but it was fun to compete. Last year, Mull also took the 2018-2019 Men’s Varsity Tennis team to CIF. The team triumphed over Wilson high School, but sadly, the end of the road stopped at Trabuco Hills High School; But what makes a successful season? A successful season, according to Coach Mull, “is if we, as a team, keep improving and compete at our highest level in every match.”

   With successful practices comes a successful season. Every forehand, backhand, serve, volley, and overhead counts. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. It’s not easy going from one school to another almost every day. No matter the rush from both schools, Mull still looks forward to practicing with the team. He will always help a player reach their full potential.  

   Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Orange County, Mull had two older brothers who attended El Modena; So he was introduced to the thrill and excitement of games and events before he even attended the school. As a part of El Modena’s graduating class of 1978, Mull enjoyed the high school experience and what it had to offer. “Elmo has always been a great place for students to attend,” he said. 

   As the 2018-2019 season progressed, last year’s team went undefeated in league 6-0. They beat El Dorado, Brea Olinda, and Esperanza both times, making them the first team to earn the Century League: North Hills Championship title. “It was great to win a league championship last year for the first time in school history. I was happy for the players. They worked hard and it’s something they can fondly remember being a part of,” he said. 

   Though Mull teaches at Orange high on a daily basis, he will always be a vanguard at heart, from start to finish. He is the student who became the master.


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