The Fear of Family

The joyful yet dreadful feeling of having Josh Pongco's entire family on campus.

There are many walks of life on El Modena, but none could relate to a certain Junior on campus. Josh Pongco is a student in modern day America where not only does he have to worry about his academics but for his life as well. School shootings have been taking America by storm giving many students like Josh this fear anytime a drill is preformed at campus. But what goes through Josh’s mind is not like others, for he is not only blessed but cursed with his stepmom, birthdad, sister, twin brother, and two step all attending campus with him. 

Fear is not the only emotion that consumes Josh surrounded by his family on campus, for Josh says “It’s fun having my parents as teachers, because I have taken my dad’s class but it’s also fun having my brothers here, we’re pretty much together most of the time.”. With Josh currently attending his stepmothers video production class, and as well as his stepmom being the junior class advisor for spirit week, an event Josh participates in with his siblings. He finds himself in quite a lucky position for there is never a family member ever too far a way for him when it comes to campus.

Sadly in this modern day climate of America things cannot have light without darkness. Schools in the state of California are forced by law to execute two lock down drills per year. Most students would think on how to save their own life in a situation during these drills. Josh’s mindset goes somewhere else during these times of fear. For he fears not only his life, but of his family who all attend his school. Josh would rather stay on campus during a time of horror where most kids would find themselves leaving to ensure the safety of his family. “I’m not running until I know everyone in my family is safe” he puts it, going as far as to take responsibility by in no means putting it lightly, “If my dad, or my mom, or my brothers got injured possibly killed that responsibility lies on my shoulders”. One day could be all it takes for Josh’s entire family life to be changed forever.

Josh’s situation might be unique in the eyes of many, being such a young student plagued with not only the fear of his life by the others he holds closest to him. Sadly this is the case for many students in America, with Josh’s story comes a million more waiting to be told.

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