Alexandria, an Actress and an Inspiration


Alex strikes a pose

Alexandria Mangrich, senior at El Modena High School, is closing in on her high school career as the second semester slowly begins to wind down. Yet Alex has been keeping busy with her involvement in the drama department on campus and in the social scene here at El Modena. Being a very outspoken and strong character, Alexandria is the perfect candidate to voice her experiences and life throughout the past four years. 

    When Alex entered El Modena as a freshman in 2016, she was just at the beginning of her journey and was still figuring herself out. She reflects, “It was always funny because I started my high school career very different. I started out as a little freshman, I remember I was very conservative.” 

   Alex has made a complete 180 on her views, commenting on how she’s been a vegetarian for almost two years now, and how outspoken she is on LGBTQ+ rights. Despite having changed her views and opinions, Alex isn’t afraid to own up to it all. “Back then, I wasn’t very educated on things. I was very close-minded. I did some things, said some things… not a very proud moment in my life but that was me and I’m not going to hide it.” 

   Flash forward four years, and Alex has begun to find herself and open up to the world and the El Modena community on who she is.  She shares,“This year has been very special, groundbreaking, as I recently came out as trans. It’s just been one hell of a ride.” 

   Despite the outburst of positivity that she has received from campus, coming out has come with its negativities. “The big thing about me coming out is, it’s been difficult, I’m not going to lie about that. There have been teachers that have been very supportive and there are some that haven’t been the most understanding or the most educated on this topic. Same goes for students too. The majority of people I know here are very supportive, very open about how much they accept me. But there are the occasional people that aren’t very open-minded about this stuff.” 

   On top of being transgender, Alex also is very verbal about her struggle with autism. “Something else I’m very outspoken about is my autism. I don’t see it as something to hide or anything. People with autism can live normal lives.” 

   Despite this being a continual struggle in her life, she has become stronger and has found one of her passions, drama. “Since I was little I’ve always had difficulties with athletics and stuff and that’s part of it you know. I used to not be very social, can you imagine that? Honestly drama’s really helped. It’s got me really out there and stuff.” 

   Drama has played a pivotal role in helping Alex open up to the world, and be comfortable being herself. Alex doesn’t filter herself for anybody, and nonchalantly acknowledges any haters, stating, “It’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.” 

   Drama has been a constant in Alex’s life for the past four years, and she has become an integral member of the Visual and Performing Arts department. She is looking forward to playing Ursula in the upcoming production of the Little Mermaid and is going to be directing an adaptation of the play ‘Ten Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ later on this year. Alex is deeply dedicated to and involved in drama, stating “I have discovered myself in that class numerous times,” and even alluding to pursuing a future in theater.  

   Alex has struggled, succeeded, persevered, throughout these past four years and comes out of her experience being an inspiration and mentor to others. She shares her love and positivity on campus with others even though it may not always get reciprocated. 

   Alex doesn’t get too wrapped up in the negatives, and focuses on the bright spots on campus that have made her high school years. Alex is a bright spot of our campus herself, spreading her message, “I’ll speak to the people who don’t want to be the center of attention or to the people who are unsure about themselves, about their identity; you know what, go for it. I’m just saying, whoever you are, whoever you identify as, be yourself, don’t be afraid to hide that. I think that in this climate, things may still be difficult but we are getting to that progress of how people should be accepted regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, even religious choice.”    



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