Desde México Hasta Orange County


Abigail Ramirez was born in the city of Garden Grove and lived there with her family for the first three years of her life. She later moved to Riverside, stayed there until age five when she left for Mexico with her parents and brother and stayed there for 10 years. Ramirez and her family moved to Mexico due to her grandparents getting sick. Unfortunately, a month after their arrival, her grandfather passed away. Instead of returning to Orange County, Ramirez’s dad thought it was best to stay to take care of her grandmother.

A decade later in the year 2018, Ramirez came back at age 15 and will have been back for two years, now living with her Aunt in Orange. The decision to return to the United States was based on Ramirez’s parents wanting Abigail to receive better education and opportunity. “I want to get my career here and then maybe go back to Mexico later because it’s just better if I get my education here and go over there because if I get my career in Mexico and then come here… It just doesn’t mean as much.”

One of the biggest differences, in regards to school, that Ramirez noted between the United States and Mexico would be the schedules and the social interactions.“When there’s a new kid in school in Mexico everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Here it was harder because everyone already had groups and you have to be the one to reach out and make friends when over there, people make more effort to talk to you and actually ​want​ to be your friend.” Ramirez compared the school schedules between here and Mexico and informed that in the middle school and high school where she attended, block schedules are not implemented like here at El Modena. Instead, everyday is dedicated to just one certain subject such as math, spanish, and science.

Although Spanish is her first language, Ramirez learned the basics for English from attending preschool and kindergarten here but once she moved to Mexico with her family, she didn’t practice her English as often; And so, upon arriving and getting enrolled into El Modena, she took the ELD (English Language Development) class that is hosted on campus and after four months, she eventually moved on to regular English classes.

Ramirez has the serious goal of becoming an anesthesiologist. Proving her determination to achieve her goal, she is currently doing an internship at Intecore Physical Therapy, which is located behind the Starbucks on East Chapman, and is also taking a Medical Core class at school. On top of her internship, Ramirez also works part time at Del Taco, which is also on Chapman and plans to do another internship at St. Josephs’ Hospital this summer. Next year she plans to take classes on body structure and sports medicine, all while continuing her internships.
What Ramirez misses most about Mexico includes her parents and brother. Although she tries to visit them during her winter and summer breaks, she wasn’t able to travel to Mexico this year due to her job and internship keeping her schedule busy; but she hopes to visit her parents this summer.

Despite her missing Mexico, Ramirez enjoys her life in Orange with her aunt and attending El Modena. When asked about her favorite memory from living in Mexico, Ramirez shares,“My favorite memory from Mexico would be when I was 12 and my cousins that live here came to visit me and my family. There was so many of us in one house and we spent every minute of every day together and we’d go everywhere together. We’d go to the beach and so many other places.”

Ramirez has many aspirations and is a motivated student. When asked what her ultimate goal in life is, Ramirez responded, “I want to become an anesthesiologist and help out my parents so they can come here.” Abigail Ramirez has proved to be an inspiration to all first generation Mexican-American students everywhere. With her success in school so far and her work ethic outside of academics, in the near future Ramirez will undoubtedly achieve her goal and make, not just her family proud, but all of El Modena.

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