A Coach’s Successful Season

Coach Biagini highlights the most important moments in this year’s wrestling season

Frontline: Who has really shown off their skills this year?

Coach Biagini: “Everyone has stood out this year, but there’s a core group of guys who really help lead the team. That’s sophomore Kameron Gardner, sophomore Jack Simons, senior Joseph Palacios, junior Sal Muñoz, and senior Zack Dunham.”

FL: What moments during the season made you most proud to hold your coaching position?

CB: “Honestly, every moment. What makes me excited as a coach is seeing all the guys’ positivity, hard work, and encouragement during competition and practice.”

FL: Who really took it onto themselves to really improve this year?

CB: “Everyone has definitely improved, but sophomore Kameron Gardner and junior Sal Muñoz made some significant jumps over the summertime and throughout the season.”

FL: Would you consider this year to be completely successful or were there some hurdles your team had to overcome?

CB: “It’s a success. Our numbers are up, the team is working hard together, and we’re now League Champs.”

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