2020 Welcome: New Decade New Rules

A set of strange new norms usher in the new decade at El Modena High School.


    As the new semester began, certain rules were ratified. One of the three new rules introduced is the no hat policy. This policy was first implemented by administration at the beginning of the second semester. The only exceptions for this policy are solid-colored or El Modena headwear. Administration is currently giving out a few El Modena hats.

   The second new rule that has been applied are the yellow lines. These spray-painted yellow barriers are located by the 500 building and by the 200 building. Students still have access to cross if talking to a teacher or leaving campus.

   The third rule in effect is beneficial towards students with no fifth or sixth period. Instead of going through the ID checking process after lunch, students now have the ability to leave school grounds at the beginning of lunch time. If a student chooses to leave at the start of lunch, they must have their IDs checked at the 200 building yellow line and once again at the student parking lot gate.

   Overall, these three new rules left the students confused. Some have wanted these rules to be enforced. Others have shown opposition as a first reaction. So far, it has been a year filled with tremendous changes for the Vanguards. Will some of these rules come to a halt later on? 


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