Lunar New Year at the Tet Festival

An Annual Celebration at the Orange Fairgrounds


  “Lunar New Year” is the term commonly used to refer the start of the first new moon of the lunar calendar celebrated by several Asian cultures and ends 15 days later with the first full moon. Because of the continuously altering moon cycle, the date of Lunar New Year changes every year anywhere from January 21st to February 20th.

   This year, Lunar New Year takes place on Saturday, January 25th and every Lunar New Year, UVSA, Union of Vietnamese Student Associations, hosts their annual Tet Festival at the Orange County fairgrounds.

    The celebration takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with different events on each day. Similar to the Orange County Fair, they have rides and games but they specifically have Asian street food vendors that sell takoyaki, balut, noodles, and kimbap.

    Nearby are several exhibitors who sell art, clothing, and collectibles and on the other side are sponsors who advertise by giving out freebies. 

   The main attraction of the whole festival is the Cultural Village, Làng Vit Nam. The Cultural VIllages features cultural and traditional displays, structures, arts and crafts, and dress. Several volunteers from various high schools dressed up in ao dais—a traditional Vietnamese garment that directly translates to a “long shirt”—to portray villagers who lived in the village.

   At this year’s celebration, there were various events such as eating contests, dance competitions, performing art showcases, live bands, and even a spring wedding. 

   From taking pictures and eating street food to watching live lion dance performances and singing karaoke, the Tet Festival was an amazing experience that everyone should attend the following year. Happy New Year!  Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 新年快乐!

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