Best Art Student Interview

Frontline: “When did you start making art?”

Rebecca Pinillos:  “I have made art all my life, but I guess I really started when I was in middle school.”

FL: “What inspired you to start making art?”

RP: “I would say my parents because my mom is a very creative person and would draw little things for me so I wanted to be like her.”

FL: “What is your best art piece and what is its significance?”

RP: “I think my best piece is my record I painted of the movie poster for Bohemian Rhapsody. At the time I was working on it that movie was a big part of my life and reintroduced a band that I had neglected in the past, so whenever I look at the record it brings me joy.”

FL:“What role do you think an artist has in society?”

RP: “I think an artists role in society is to make art that relays a message that is important to them and can possibly make a difference that others are too scared to speak up about.”

FL: “What was your favorite piece to make?”

RP: “My favorite piece to make was my skateboard because it was fun using a bunch of different bright colors to make an enchanting wildlife scene.”

FL: “What is your goal as an artist?”

RP: “My goal is to continue to learn everyday and improve my art to eventually have my career be focused on art.”

FL: “What artistic job would you like in your future?”

RP: “My dream job would be to work as an illustrator for a company for either books or even animated movies.”


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