What will K-pop and EDM bring in the new decade?

As the new decade begins, new genres will rise and fall.


Everglow teases new comeback with glamorous photos. Via internet.

   K-pop: In 2012, K-pop got its first big break into the Western music industry with the release of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Although it was a worldwide hit, most people viewed it as a fad and didn’t pay attention to the immense amount of artists and genres making up the K-pop industry. In the late 2010s, with the ever-increasing popularity of Korean acts such as Blackpink and BTS, K-pop has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the 2020s, it is highly likely K-pop will continue growing in the West as newer “4th generation” idol groups begin to appeal especially to Western audiences. Rookie artists like Everglow and ATEEZ are seeing massive success in the West only 1 year into their careers. With BTS at the forefront of this new wave of K-pop, the genre is only just beginning to see the recognition it deserves.

   EDM: Electronic dance music has been a staple genre in recent decades as most popular music incorporates some form of EDM in its production. In the foreseeable future, EDM will still have an influence on the popular music heard on the radio. However, EDM is also an umbrella term for the vast amount of subgenres that sit below it. Some popular subgenres include: dubstep, house, techno, trap, and electro. These subgenres tend to rise and fall in popularity within the EDM community as artists begin to experiment with new sounds. In the 2020s however, house music will most likely remain the most popular EDM subgenre because of its ability to get anyone up and dancing. 

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