Farewell Mrs. Kim

As winter break came to an end, Mrs. Kim took a new job position and said goodbye to El Modena.


   As winter break came to a close, students returned to school to find out that one of their beloved teachers had accepted a new position at Villa Park. Mrs. Kim had worked at El Modena for five and a half years teaching English, Creative Writing, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), and Journalism. 

   At the beginning of October, Mrs. Kim left on maternity leave as she was expecting her second child. She was expected to be back by the end of November, but instead, she decided to expand her maternity leave to the end of winter break.

   However, during the middle of winter break, she came across an occupation opening for a Library Media Specialist at Villa Park High School. Working in the library was Mrs. Kim’s dream job so once the opportunity presented itself, she had to jump on it.

   While on maternity leave, she decided to accept the position, giving up her position at El Mo as a result. At then end of break, Mrs.Kim packed up her classroom and transferred her belongings to her new school. She sent out an email to faculty and her students announcing her leave and her farewells. 

   During Mrs.Kim’s time here, she broaden her students writing skills in her classes and taught her favorite writing styles that she wouldn’t be able to teach in her normal english classes at El Modena. She even had her students in that class write a novel during the month of November. 

   Her favorite memory at El Modena was her very first spirit week. Similar to a freshman, she never experienced how much the student body was engaged in making their class look the best. She could not believe that El Mo had something so amazing and so much fun where students could unite together to reach a common goal. Frontline sat down with Mrs. Kim and asked her a few questions.

   When asked, “What about El Modena would you miss the most?” She responded, “I’m going to miss the students at El Modena most of all. The students here are the absolute best! They always made me smile and laugh and I was so proud of everyone here and all they accomplished.”

   Frontline also asked Mrs. Kim what advice she had for students who would like to pursue their dream. “My advice to students is to work hard! All the dreams I’ve accomplished have come from working my butt off. Put in the work and it will pay off!” (Mrs. Kim, Former El Mo Teacher)

   She had some kind words for the faculty here at El Modena too. “For the faculty at El Mo, aka the best staff and faculty in all of OUSD, I will miss you so much. Keep being the most awesome people around.”

   Frontline asked students what their favorite memory of Mrs. Kim was and their responses were filled with joy. “It was more of a personal matter, but I was talking about something personal and it turned out she had the same thing too. She went out of her way to go talk to the office and try to help me. It made me feel happy.” (Katlin Ramos, Junior)

  Another Student commented, “My favorite moments were the amazing stories she told us every week. They were lovely, I’ll tell you that.” (Landon Rangel, Junior) 

  Even though her home school is now Villa Park, Mrs. Kim will frequently come back to visit El Modena because she believes that we won’t be getting rid of her so easily. 

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