A Basketball Coach and His Ballers

Coach Henderson talks about his team and their season.


Frontline: Who has really shown off their skills this year?


Coach Henderson: “Our two offensive leaders this season have been  Senior Kyle Rasmussen and Senior Jacob Stock. Rasmussen can score from anywhere on the floor and he’s the guy we go to when we need a bucket. Stock has really stepped into the role of being another scorer for us. He’s a great shooter and has shown great ability to get to the hoop. Stock also gets tasked with guarding our opponent’s best player on a nightly basis.”


FL: What moment during the season made you the most proud to hold your coaching position?


CH: “My proudest moment this season was watching our team win the Estancia Coast Classic Tournament over Winter Break. This group of 11 players, nine of whom are seniors, have had a lot of success over the last few months, but there’s nothing like winning a tournament during the season when the games really count.” 


FL: Who really took it onto themselves to really improve this year?


CH: “We have six returning varsity players from last season and every single one of them has shown improvement; so have all the first year varsity players. However, I think the guy who stands out most at this point in the season is Quentinn Brown. He leads the team in three point field goal percentage and has proven that he can be a huge asset for the team.


FL: Would you consider this year to be completely successful or were there some hurdles your team had to overcome?


CH: “At this point in the season, we are 14-7. This is the highest win total for an El Modena Basketball team in a long time and we still have five games left. We have had a lot of success this far and have overcome some hurdles for sure…but we are not done yet, not by a long shot!”


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