Isabel Martinez: Stud of the Month

Sophomore Isabel Martinez sports the golden pom-poms and embodies the modern student-athlete at El Modena

   Sophomore Isabel Martinez, a member of the talented El Modena Pom team, embodies the hard-working cheerleader and always takes her duties seriously on and off the field. 

   Martinez has plenty of experience, having been on the Pom team since freshman year and dancing since she was three years old. She loves spending time with her friends who share her passion for performing halftime and sideline dances at wrestling matches, football games, and basketball games.

   Martinez’s effort is clearly shown through her dedication to the sport. She cheered with her team at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk, at nearly all school assemblies, at the Angel Stadium for a cheer event, and at the annual cheer showcase in January.

   Hard work and effort are not the only factors that make Martinez stand out. Her positive attitude and willingness to perform at the highest level encourage others to follow her example. One of her teammates, sophomore Kylie Seppala, states, “I can tell how much she loves her team by her passion. She always stands out in performances because of her talent and dedication.”

   Her charisma earns her coach’s recognition too. Martinez’s coach, Coach Gallardo, says, “She is very spirited and I can always count on her to cheer loud and hard at the games. She is also easy to work with and has a great attitude.”

   Martinez finds more ways to further improve upon her performances throughout the year. She reflects on her abilities and has no problem with critiquing herself. “I try to focus on the work and not get distracted by outside situations,” she says. “I like that I’m able to project my voice because it gives me confidence at every game.”

   Coaches, teachers, and students recognize Martinez as a dedicated student-athlete who strives to perform her best on the field and in the classroom. Her ability to balance difficult classes and a time-consuming sport serves as a model to her peers.

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