Star Wars: Brilliant or Bust

Students of El Modena share their input on the newest Star Wars film.


Frontline: What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars film?


Caleb Maffey (12): “There is a lot of fanservice which I appreciate, but it fails to be original.”


Rayne Lejano (11): “I didn’t like some of the small details, but the plot was solid.”


Ethan Tjoa (10): “The movie’s plot had a good twist and the attention to detail was on point.”


Nicole Smith (11): “It was by far the best film I have seen in a while being very action packed, full of surprises, and a twist ending. I’m very sad to see the trilogy and the franchise come to an end.”


Lucca Pracilio (11): “To me, it felt a bit similar to ‘Return of the Jedi. It was the end of the new era, but it seemed kind of a cliché ending.”


Leilani Pongco (9): “I liked it a lot. I liked how Rey showed her true colors.”


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