A New Decade in Pop Music

What will happen to the music industry in the next ten years?


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Billie Eilish

Pop music in the 21st century has been all over the place. The first decade and the beginning of the 2010’s pop music scene were heavily dominated by teen-pop. The sound of artists like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Kesha could be heard cycling through the top 40 radio stations constantly. A few years passed and what was once the standard for pop music that was set in place for over a decade began to change. 

In recent years, pop music has had heavy influence from other genres and is no longer the bubblegum pop music that we grew accustomed to growing up. 

Lots of new artists, like Lizzo and Billie Ellish, emerged at the end of 2019 and grew popular quickly with music which felt refreshingly different to the general public. In the next decade, we will either see 2010s established pop veterans adapt to a new sound in order to keep listeners attention or try to capitalize on early 2000’s nostalgia which is expected to happen as Generation-Z begins to grow up.

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