Adventure in Palm Springs

A freshman’s fantastic time in Palm Springs


  Freshman Brian Houl took advantage of his time off for winter vacation to go on a memorable adventure with his family through the deserts of Palm Springs. During their time in the desert, they made sure to explore what nature had to offer.

   Houl and his family spent two days enjoying their surroundings and maximized their time by staying in a hotel nearby their planned activities.

   On the first day of their trip, they went hiking in the mountains in the desert, not far from Palm Springs. There were various trails on the mountain and a gondola called the Aerial Tramway that takes visitors to the top of the mountain.

   The second day of Houl’s trip consisted of a visit to the Salton Sea and eating delicious food. According to Houl, the Salton Sea was an interesting sight. “It was cool to see the Salton Sea in person. The view of the surrounding area was amazing. Even though the sea was really dirty, the water was brown, and it smelled really bad, it was fun to visit such a special place,” Houl says.

   He also describes a unique characteristic of the Salton Sea that most people only see in pictures. “The ground was not sand, but it was made of white stuff, which I think was actually a bunch of fish bones forming a layer on the ground.”

   The Houl family concluded their experience at the Salton Sea with a nice meal that Houl described as “diverse and flavorful.”

   Houl enjoyed his time in Palm Springs. In fact, he concludes that it was his favorite trip to the desert.

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