New Upgrades Coming to Campus

A recap of all the new features coming to campus.


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El Modena Swimming Pool

Fred Kelly Stadium

Fred Kelly has been in construction since last April and the construction crew are well on their way to completing the new stadium. The new stadium featuring new bleachers, locker rooms, and bathrooms is set to be ready in the next few months.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are planned to be installed on the lawn behind the amphitheater and the staff parking lot. The amphitheater panels were supposed to be installed during this summer but have been delayed due to ongoing projects and are expected to be installed by the summer of 2020.

Quad Renovation

The quad is getting renovated this upcoming summer. This renovation will include the leveling of the quad, the addition of new shaders and lighting, and the removal of dirt patches in the area.

Aquatics Center

The Aquatics center is set to start building in the spring. The new center will include a new pool, locker rooms, a coach’s room, and new bathrooms.

Electronic Marquee

The El Modena Education Foundation is currently raising money to upgrade our marquee. They are currently trying to secure funding from the Division of the State Architect. This will be installed during phase two of Measure S when a new administration building is being constructed.

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