Winter Formal Interview with Isabella Perez

An interview with Isabella Perez.


Morgan Hill

Isabella Perez

Frontline: “How does it feel to be on the court?”

Isabella Perez: “To me, it feels like a great honor to be nominated for the court and I never expected it! It’s a very exciting time and I’m happy for all my fellow nominees.”

FR: “What clubs are you apart of?”
IP: “I’m a part of Halo Club, Pals for Paws, NHS, and Academic Decathlon.”

FR: “What are your thoughts on the theme?”

IP: “I’m super excited about the theme! I believe it is a fun idea that’s out of the box and gives students a chance to dress up as if they were going to a ball and show their creativity with mask.”

FR: “What is your go-to dance move?”

IP: “This is a hard question but I think my favorite party dance move is probably doing the wave.”

FR: “What song do you want to play at formal?

IP: “I hope they’ll play Tongue Tied by Grouplove. It’s a song that always gives me good vibes and reminds me of fun times with all my friends. Since this is one of my last formal dances in high school I think that would be a fun song to make new memories.”

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