Academic Showcase

El Mo’s take on Open House

  While most schools host an open house in which the students’ work has the spotlight, El Mo offers an academic showcase, with the programs as the highlight. Teachers use their time to advertise their classes and give parents information on their programs.

   In the cafeteria, there was a presentation given on the AP and Honors courses to both current and future El Mo students. The gym housed tables touting various academic courses and athletic programs. Some, such as the health table, had props and toys to attract student interest in their classes. 

   In addition, classrooms scattered across campus hosted their own presentations. Current students were encouraged to enroll in these courses, while future students were offered a preview of what their high school experience could be like. Some teachers had invited their current students to provide personal insight into the class and its curriculum. This gave teachers an opportunity to show off not only their courses, but what students will be doing in terms of future projects as well. 

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