Celebrating Our Seniors

The beloved seniors on Girls Varsity Tennis have had a good run throughout the years pushing their way to be their best in practice, matches, and in school. Sadly, their time on the team is coming to an end, but that is nothing too depressing, for they were celebrated on Tuesday, October 22, at the annual Senior Night.

   Seniors Feven Christiansen, Jessie Keefe, Dani Goldstein, Elena Sims, Hanna Zorilla, Justine Santoyo, and Jenna Foellhieter are all celebrated and recognized for their efforts on the team and the memories they have created for themselves and their friends.

   As seven seniors leave the team, six open spots become available for upcoming freshman or any other students who wish to follow in the wake of these memorable girls, as they move on to new stages in their lives.

   After the last home game on Tuesday, the seniors were recognized with a heartfelt ceremony and numerous gifts from the rest of the team. The fun may seem like it has come to an end, but there is plenty for the girls to be proud of throughout their time at El Modena High School.

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