Maddie’s Moving Up the Ladder

   Last year, freshman tennis player Maddie Nguyen trained her hardest to achieve a spot on Girls Varsity Tennis at El Modena, and landed herself on the team. She started the year as a sub on the tennis team and enjoyed the playing experience, along with all the friends she made and the attitude of the other girls on the team.

   As a result of being on Varsity, she got to reap the benefits and honor that being on a Varsity team brings. She also got to participate in the Fall Sports Assembly dance along with the rest of the girls.

   This year, however, is different. Again, Maddie has worked harder than ever to further improve her game. Now, as just a sophomore, she secured the number two spot on Varsity, playing singles full time! “I’m happy that I have a position this year,” Maddie says. “I just tried to improve on my mistakes from last year. My position makes me feel proud of myself since I was a sub. I love the team as a whole and although tennis isn’t really a team sport, I think we all give each other the support we need.”

   Maddie also happens to be a studious student as well, balancing her honorable spot on the team with her school work and clubs. She is an overall model to others and a student athlete at its finest.

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