DIY Costumes

Halloween costumes that are inexpensive and easy to put together

   Witches are all too common on Halloween night, so a creative alternative to that is a sorcerer. Start with a black shirt and long black skirt or pants. Wear boots that are dark in color and comfortable to walk in. A simple gem pendant necklace and a half-ponytail complete the look. 

    As an optional accessory, make a choker out of old cloth or ribbon. An empty clear Christmas ornament works well as a crystal ball, or use a raven prop to carry around.


   Add a twist to the usual cat costume by becoming a sly thief. Wear all black with sneakers for escaping into the night. Scavenge for a pair of cat ears and a black mask. A superhero mask is a swell alternative, though you can make a mask yourself with felt and string. 

   Add a black choker, some facepaint for a nose and whiskers, and a pillowcase to throw over your shoulders. The pillow case can also double as a candy bag, which only adds to the burglar atmosphere. 


   To bring on the full ghostbusting demeanor, wear plain overalls with small, bright orange duct tape stripes and iron on letters for character names. Proton packs are fairly simple, made using a cardboard box, cut to size, duct tape, various kitchen items like a colander and drainage hose, and glowsticks secured with zip ties. 

  This costume is great for a group dress-up, and, if the situation calls for it, a green hoodie and silly string make for a great Slimer.

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