Anti-bullying Month

El Modena’s plans for a week dedicated to raising awareness on bullying

   Schools nationwide raise awareness for bullying every month of October, and El Modena is no exception. From October 7 to October 11, students are unified by participating in activities such as color-code dress days, writing positive messages on the sidewalk, and attending the feeder school football night. The program is led by PAL, with ASB lending a helping hand.

   In an interview with the principal, Mrs. Katevas, on the subject of bullying, she comments, “One of the things we continue to educate our students on is how to have a healthy disagreement.” She advises students to avoid posting fights on social media, as it may escalate the situation, and inform a parent or trusted adult if they are targeted. “If we can get more students involved, more students making connections and more students making friends, then we would have far less than this [bullying],” Mrs. Katevas says.

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