Rolling Stone Intrview: Blake Keister

Brady Fox


FRONTLINE: What is your favorite movie?

Blake Keister: It’s a solid tie between Nightmare Before Christmas and Pulp Fiction.

FL: Nike or Adidas, which is superior?

BK: Nike definitely.

FL: What makes you different from everyone else?

BK: I don’t like to follow what everyone else does. I always put my own twist on things.

FL: Dogs or cats, which are more epic?

BK: I’d have to say cats, because I have two of them and they are fun to play with.

FL: Who is the most underrated band? The most overrated?

BK: The most underrated would probably have to be Violent Femmes or Motley Crue. The most overrated would definitely have to be 21 Pilots or something like that.

FL: Who is the funniest person you know at ELMO?

BK: The funniest person I know would probably be Maddy van Winkle.

FL: Is golf a sport? What makes you think so?

BK: Golf is definitely a sport. It requires just as much practice and dedication as any other sport.

FL: Would you ever pay $300 for a shirt? Why or why not?

BK: No I wouldn’t because I could buy 10 or more shirts that are cheaper. That’s just way too much.

FL: What are your plans for high school, if you have any?

BK: I’m hoping to become a photo-journalist or a psychiatrist.

FL: Would you take Julio Jones or Davante Adams in the first round of a Fantasy Football League draft?

BK: Davante Adams

FL: What is your view of the legalization of marijuana in California?

BK: I don’t really mind it. Nobody is really getting hurt, so why not?

FL: Who’s the best teacher you’ve had at ELMO so far?

BK: Mr. J any day

FL: Would you rather have the ability to go back in time or forwards?

BK: I’d go forwards. I don’t want to mess anything up in the past.

FL: Is Pewdiepie getting married wholesome to you?

BK: Yes. People are happy and that’s all that matters to me.

FL: Who is your celebrity crush?

BK: I don’t really have one, but if we’re talking just favorite celebrity, it’d be Danny Devito.

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