Rolling Stone Interview – Alan Mai


Alan Mai – Sophomore – Esports Club President

Frontline: What goals do you have for this school year?
Alan Mai: For this school year I am looking especially towards bettering myself where I can and being able to maintain the standards that I’ve set for myself the year before. Not only do I want to keep improving academically, I also want to become more involved in both the community and events on campus, whether that would be community service or club participation.

FL: How are you enjoying El Modena so far?
AM: I like El Modena because of how involved everyone is during school events like football games and spirit events. I also like the teachers there because they all are passionate and help students learn.

FL: What did you do over the summer?
AM: Over the summer, I did many things like camping and a trip to New York. One project that I particularly worked on over summer, was the Jarvis AI machine learning project. I also worked on numerous personal film projects, along with relaxing and playing my fair share of video games.

FL: What is your favorite memory from freshman year?
AM: My favorite memory from freshman year was definitely the day that me and my friends spent to record a mini-documentary about Lorenzo Ramirez for a video competition. It was an enriching experience that I believe helped me expand my skills a lot, and honestly might end up becoming my favorite memory from highschool period.

FL: Is there anything you would change about El Modena?
AM: give esports money

FL: Let’s get back to you, what are some of your hobbies?
AM: I have a lot of hobbies that I do both online and offline. Hobbies that lean towards the computer-side include coding, video editing, cryptography, and videogames. Other than that, I like to read, film, build plastic models, and swim.

FL: Do you have any pets?
AM: Yes, I have two cats named Marlin and Crush. I love them a lot.

FL: Are you involved in any school clubs or ASB?
AM: Yes, I’m the club president of the El Modena Esports club.

FL: Favorite Movie?
AM: My favorite movie (this is my 2nd fav shhh) is 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, since I believe it is one of the best movies made from a film standpoint and that it has played a pinnacle point in the development of sci-fi films.

FL: Favorite boba place? 🙂
AM: yO I like dragonfly because it’s simple and does simple right.

FL: If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would you change?
AM: I would make a Utopia out of humans and propel humanity ahead to what is considered a type four on the Kardashev scale (I’m not sure if that’s the right person). Maybe a more ambitious or possibly unrealistic ideal, but it is something I would personally do.

FL: Are you involved in any school sports?
AM: (say something about online PE)  No, but I’m currently enrolled in Online PE. I think it’s a good class for me to get my credits in for the year and still physically exercise when none of the sports fit my schedule.

FL: Favorite song right now?
AM: Going back to school, I started to listen to a lot of songs that I can listen to while doing homework. Currently my favorite song is a classic, Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

FL: What’s your dream college?
AM: My dream college is either MIT because I like robots or UCI because I would like to study medicine.

FL: Finally, any advice you would give to freshmen?
AM: Honestly just pay attention in class and it’ll all be easy peasy.