Dancing Through Senior Year

Rolling Stone Interview with Isabella Perez

Frontline: What is your name?

Isabella Perez: “My name is Isabella Perez.”


FL: Where do you go to school and what grade are you in? 

IP: “I’m a senior at El Modena High School!”


FL: What did you do over the summer break ?

IP: “Over the summer I hung out with my family a lot and I spent a lot of time dancing.”


FL: Did you go anywhere?

IP: “I went to San Diego with my family.”


FL: So how do you feel about being a senior?

IP: “I feel like it’s bittersweet. I’m excited to move onto my next stage of life but I’m sad to leave this place that I’ve called home for the last four years and then leave all my friends that are on the dance team that are underclassmen behind. “


FL: Is there anything you are looking forward to this year?

IP: “As a senior I have many responsibilities, so I’m the captain of the dance team and I’m VAPA commissioner for ASB, so I have a lot of responsibility. I’m looking forward to trying to make a difference in those positions and do as much as I can to be involved in the school.”


FL: So you just mentioned that this year you have a lot of responsibilities, is there anything you are not looking forward to?

IP: “I’m not looking forward to college applications because I’m a procrastinator and it is really difficult for me to buckle down and do something, so I just have to try my best and put my best foot forward.”


FL: You are apart of Vanguard Dance Company right?

IP:  “Yes, I am.” 


FL: How long have you been dancing?

IP:” I’ve been dancing since 2012, so seven years.”


FL: Would you say that dancing is something that you are passionate about?

IP: “Oh yeah! I spend every waking moment thinking about it and I love watching dancing videos in my free time and it is something that I’m really passionate about.”


FL: Why do you like dancing and why is it something that you put a lot of your passion into?

IP: “I think in general life I’m pretty reserved and in dance when I go on stage I can show a different side of myself and it’s freeing and it’s fun to see what you can create with your body movements to different songs.”


FL: Do you plan on continuing to dance after high school?

IP:” I do! I plan on minoring in dancing in college.”


FL: Other than dancing what is something that you’re passionate about?

IP: “I also really love reading! Although I don’t get the chance to do it very much anymore because I’m so busy. I really enjoy reading books.”


FL: Are you nervous to graduate?

IP: “A little bit, but I’m really excited to move on to do different things.”


FL: Is there anywhere you already planning on applying to?

IP: “Right now I want to apply to SDCC and Cal State Fullerton. I would also really love to go to New York!”

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