Nature Center Cleanup Crew

What the future of Elmo’s Nature Center looks like

   This year, students have risen to the challenge of polishing Elmo’s Nature Center. Located at the edge of The Village, the Nature Center is in rough condition and could use some help, especially after the Santa Ana winds. The Nature Center Club, led by senior Aubrey Wade, plans on providing some extra helping hands. 

   The club started out as an idea Wade had while at the fall festival her sophomore year. “I was like, ‘Oh, it’d be a really cute idea if they had more events in here,’” she said. Partnered with senior Andrew Thornton, her vision can finally take shape. The plan is to keep the old, but add a splash of color and flowers. Statues will also be introduced into the mix.

   Wade has many fun-filled plans for the future. “I want to host kind of like a Coffee Night and maybe some plays,” Wade said. 


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