Moshing Through the Pits of Senior Year

A Rolling Stone interview with Amara Pisetsky

Amara Pisetsky is a senior known for her unique and interesting sense of style. In a generation where casual clothing reigns supreme, Amara stands out as someone that could be from another era. If one word could describe her style, it would probably be “timeless”.


Frontline: Throughout your years at El Modena, what is something that has never changed?

Amara Pisetsky: “My passion has always been learning about English and literature.”


FL: Now that you are a senior, what do you hope to accomplish?

AP: “I would like to get better grades.”


FL: What are your aspirations beyond senior year?

AP: “I plan on going to college and majoring in English.”


FL: Are there any colleges in specific you’ve looked at?

AP: “Cal State Fullerton, definitely.”


FL: If you could give a word to describe your time at El Modena, what would it be? Why?

AP: “Love, because I found love through my passions here.”


FL: Who or what has influenced you the most during your high school years.

AP: “My mom has definitely influenced me by pushing me to get better grades. She also motivates me.”


FL: How does your style represent the person you are?

AP: “My style represents my music taste and helps me express myself in healthy ways.”


FL: Are there any particular groups or genres of music that you take inspiration from?

AP: “There isn’t one specific artist, but stuff like punk, goth, and new wave have definitely had an impact.”


FL: What advice would you give to underclassmen who are still trying to find their own sense of style?

AP: “Experiment with other styles and don’t let other people influence your decisions.”


FL: Moving back to El Modena; what was your most challenging moment here?

AP: “In junior year I struggled with my mental health and I saw my grades dipping. That was difficult for me.”


FL: How did you overcome those challenges?

AP: “I persevered with the help of my friends and family.”


FL: Thinking about the future, what advice would you give to your future self?

AP: “Don’t sell yourself short.”


FL: Lastly, where do you see yourself in ten years?

AP: “I see myself as an English teacher after I graduate from college. Most importantly though, I want myself in ten years to be happy.”

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