New Kids on the Block

A closer look at what the new clubs are about

   With each school year comes new and interesting clubs that add to the wide range of El Modena’s student community. Some of Elmo’s newest members are worth consideration.

   Wizards of the Coast is a club dedicated to magical games like “Magic: The Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons”. They supply everything, from cards to dice, and all they need are players. Contact sophomores Robyn Ramirez or Jack Simons; any new player will be one with the guild in no time.

   Big Brothers Big Sisters works with the non-profit organization of the same name. Their primary goal is to help kids who are less fortunate reach their potential in education and life. Upcoming activities include visiting elementary schools to help children read, complete homework, and much more. Contact the president, junior Angie Rios Galindo, if any questions surface regarding the club.

   The Nature Clean-up Club is committed to cleaning up El Modena’s nature center. Once that is done, they plan to host various events there. For students interested in helping/saving the environment, this is a chance to get involved in building a new club. To join the cause, contact their president, senior Aubrey Wade, or their vice president, senior Andrew Thornton.

   The Adventure Club will be hosting outdoor activities all year long. Their monthly schedule includes biking, hiking, stargazing, bird watching, and more. They even plan on going camping during spring break. Contact their president, senior Lauren De Moor, for more information on future activities.

   The Glee Club, led by junior Tosin Malomo, is a community that will be singing and dancing in future school performances. 

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