Teachers on Break

Teachers reveal what their summer was like

   This past summer, Mr. Finn spent most of his time in summer school. “That’s kind of boring, but I did that because I needed money for my son’s first college tuition payment,” said Finn. When he had some time off from summer school, he often went to the Del Mar Racetrack. On the topic of travel, Finn and his wife took his dad to Hawaii, specifically the island of Maui. Recalling the trip, Mr. Finn said. “We spent the week there at a resort and had a fantastic time indulging in the loveliness of Hawaii.”

   Mr. Benner did a lot of walking around Long Beach, as well as seeing multiple live bands, some of which were his acquaintances. He also played with his own band in Long Beach. Unfortunately, Benner couldn’t travel due to an operation on his nose and a knee injury. This meant he couldn’t take the school’s planned trip to the Galápagos. “I really missed it,” Benner expressed. “The pictures look really great; I hope the kids had a great time.” He laid low and had a relaxing summer, which he said was his favorite part.

   Mrs. Chertock helped out with cat adoptions every Saturday and visited the beach often. “My beach of choice is Newport Beach,” Chertock declared. She usually travels to Europe, but wasn’t able to this year. “I think my favorite part of summer was getting to read what I wanted to read, without having to read for school,” Mrs. Chertock shares. Most of her reading was done on the patio or at the beach with earbuds.

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