Studious Sienna Janes


Frontline: Were you surprised when you logged onto CollegeBoard and saw you got five on each test?

Sienna Janes: I was kind of surprised especially since I was just trying to pass them all with a three. Plus, my mother was very proud of me too.


FL: What are some helpful study tips you would give your peers?

SJ: I would tell them to always buy two study books and read and annotate both.


FL: Is there a specific brand of books you buy from?

SJ: Yes, I buy Baron books. I think they help the most with concepts.


FL: When do you start studying for the AP Test?

SJ:I usually start about a month in advance so I really understand the material by the time the test comes around.


FL: What do you do first when you open the study book?

SJ: I highlight and write down terms I don’t know so that I will come back to them and focus more on understanding them. 


FL: What do you do the night before the test?

SJ: I will go over some last minute terms I don’t know and also review all the notes and annotations I took in the book.


FL: Do you have a tradition you do the night before a test?

SJ: Yes, I personally like to have a dance party in my room to “Float On” by Modest Mouse to shake off the nerves. This happens from 11pm to 12am.


FL: Who is your go to teacher when you have questions about anything?

SJ: I like to go to Mr.Benner because he has a lot of resources and loves to help his students.


FL: Do you have a specific outfit you wear on test day?

SJ: Yes, I’ll wear fuzzy socks with slides, sweatpants on, oversized sweatshirt and a scrunchie.


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