Rolling Stone Interview

Frontline: “Where are you from?”

David Zelenka: “I am from Anaheim.”


F.L: “What elementary school(s) did you attend?”

D.Z: “I went to James Guinn Elementary.”


F.L: “What middle school(s) did you attend?”

D.Z: “I went to South Junior High.”


F.L: “How did these schools prepare you for your junior year?”

D.Z: “They have taught me how to get my work done and turned in on time.”


F.L: “What are your goals for this year?”

D.Z: “I want to get a 4.0 or higher.


F.L: “How are you going to achieve these goals?”

D.Z: “I will ask questions to all of my teachers.”


F.L: “What are you most passionate about?”

D.Z: “I am most passionate about baseball.”


F.L: “How has your passion for baseball shaped you into who you are?”

D.Z: “It has helped me become determined in almost everything I do.”


F.L: “Why did you decide to transfer from Orange Lutheran to El Modena?”

D.Z: “The money that it costs to go to Orange Lutheran is too expensive.”


F.L: “How was your experience your first year at El Modena?”

D.Z: “My experience was good. I met new people.”


F.L: “Do you like or dislike the new schedule and why?”

D.Z: “I like the new schedule because it is the same one I had at Orange Lutheran.”


F.L: “Would you change anything about the new schedule and if you would, what would you change?”

D.Z: “I want a later zero period so I wouldn’t have to wake up as early.”


F.L: “What are your goals or interests for your future?”

D.Z: “I want to do something with law enforcement.”


F.L: “Do the courses offered here help you prepare for this subject?”

D.Z: “Yes, my criminal justice class has helped me a lot.”


F.L: “Where do you see yourself in twenty years?”

D.Z: “I see myself doing something with law enforcement and hopefully raising a family.”


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