Tom Leonard: A Dominating Dude

Tom Leonard: A Dominating Dude


Frontline: “What are you most excited for going into your Junior year?


Tom Leonard: “I’m excited to play my second year of varsity football. I feel very confident. I feel like I can provide a lot more for the team. ”


F.L: “What position do you play?”


T.L: “I start at tight end and I also rotate at defensive end and linebacker.”


F.L: “Which team are you most excited to play against this season?”


T.L: “I am excited to play against Foothill because I have some friends who go there and play for their team. It’s always good to rub it in after you win.”


F.L: If you didn’t play football, what other sport would you play?”


T.L: “I would probably play baseball because I have been playing all of my life.”


F.L: “How would you describe the bond that you share between you and your teammates?”


T.L: “It is really tight because we have been working in the weight room since January and we do a lot of stuff outside of school. We also have our own separate group.”


F.L: “How do you like El Modena’s football program?”


T.L: “I love it. They push us a lot more than most other schools and they expect a lot out of us. The way we work off season and in the weight room really translates onto the field.”


F.L: “When game day comes around and you’re out on the field, what do you tell yourself?”


T.L: “I always expect to leave with a win and just play snap by snap, reminding myself to do my job.


F.L: “Do you have any pre-game rituals?’’


T.L: “I always like to tape my own wrists and I have to have it perfect.”


F.L: “Would you like to play football after high school?”


T.L: “I would use football as a way to go to college if it came to it, but I haven’t decided just yet.


F.L: “Do you have any dream schools you would like to attend?”


T.L: “Playing football at a school like USC would be a dream come true, or even going up to oregon.”


F.L: “Do you have a favorite Professional football player and/or team?”


T.L: “Yes. I like the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers for sure.”


F.L: “Can you describe fantasy football in one word?”


T.L: “Competitive.”


F.L: “How do you celebrate after a victory?”


T.L: “Victory Bell, In-N-Out, and Lots of sleep.”


F.L: “Do you have any advice for younger football players who play your position(s)?”


T.L: “Know your responsibility for every play or situation and watch film. Learn about your opponent.”


F.L: “Would you like to coach the sport in the future?”


T.L: “I would consider it because my coaches have taught me a lot and I could give back to the sport.”


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